Provider Tools:
Dermatome Map

This page starts up the dermatome map tool. It loads in a separate window and may take awhile to get started.

The dermatome map tool allows you to identify areas on the body map and will display the dermatomes which ennervate the areas selected. When more than one dermatome may be involved, they are displayed with the intensity of color indicating the likelihood of involvement. Indicate large or small areas by selecting the appropriate cursor size from the menu. Both male and female body maps are provided. You may choose the body view to display: front, back or both.

The dermatome map tool requires a Java jdk 1.1 compliant browser. Currently these include Internet Explorer 4.0 for both PC's and Apple Macintosh computers and Netscape versions 4.03 and 4.04 (with a patch available for free download from Netscape) or 4.5 (beta) for PC. Netscape browsers running Java jdk 1.1 currently are not available for Macintosh.

If you have trouble operating the dermatome map, try the dermatome map tour.