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Drug Conversion Calculator Version 2.0

This page starts up the opioid drug conversion calculator version 2.0 for Java jdk 1.1 enabled browsers. The drug conversion calculator loads in a separate window and may take awhile to get started.

The equianalgesic drug conversion calculator allows you to enter multiple drugs and dosages and obtain the proper dosage when converting to a different drug.

Version 2.0 of the calculator offers a much improved user interface making selecting drugs and dosages much easier. It also offers several new features. These include the ability to include prn medications, and select different conversion tables. The "Save Medications" window displays a record of the conversions obtained. This allows you to easily test and compare different equianalgesic medications.

The calculator version 2.0 requires a Java jdk 1.1 compliant browser. Currently these include Internet Explorer 4.0 for both PC's and Apple Macintosh computers and Netscape versions 4.03 and 4.04 (with a patch available for free download from Netscape) or 4.5 (beta) for PC. Netscape browsers running Java jdk 1.1 currently are not available for Macintosh.

If you are having trouble running this calculator, you may be using a browser which is not Java jdk 1.1 compliant. Try running the calculator version 1.5.

If you have trouble operating the calculator, try the calculator tour.